We are a design studio that causes a certain reaction from our clients: Uauh!(Wow in Spanish) We specialise in communication projects in which we add a special and unique value.

We are Agustina Perez Miori and Loly Ghirardi and we met at the University of Buenos Aires where we studied Graphic Design.

After working in two different studios in Argentina, we met again many years later by chance in Barcelona. We worked as self-employed graphic designers and project directors in the field of graphic design and exhibition stands.

In 2006, after more than 10 years of experience in various design studios in Buenos Aires, Madrid and Barcelona we decided to set up our own graphic design studio: Uauh! Graphic Communication.

As a studio, we are proud to continually learn, experiment with creativity and take risks. We get excited with every commission. We like collaborative projects. As designers, we split our time between our customers and our personal projects, from developing new fonts to hand making creative stuff.

Agustina and Loly Designers (Uauh!)

Agustina and Loly Designers (Uauh!)