Luca and Gabriele were born on the same day, 13th September 1980, in the same place, the south of Italy.

The Stifani Twins have shared everything since their birth. Growing up, they worked together in the family butcher shop. When they weren’t cutting meat they were cutting film, editing clips of their favourite movies using two VCRs and a Walkman.

The twins have made films under the moniker Pinta Production, a company they started in 2009.

“Amok”, their first short movie was nominated for Best Non Factual Film at the 20th Royal Television Society Awards and official selection at various international film festivals including OutTakes Reel Queer 2007 in New Zealand, AsterFest 2007 in Macedonia, Netherland Streaming Film Festival 2008 and Arese Corto 2008 in Italy.

Since then they have travelled the world shooting films on location, most notably the documentary “Voices” about the Southern African AIDS crisis and the Danish dance documentary “HamletZar” which premiered at the Barbican Centre in London.

Also the brothers are credited editors in the film “An Equinox of Love” which premiered at the 2013 Cannes Court Métrage and the creative editors for Czech video artist Tereza Bušková.

In addition, the Stifani Twins have collaborated extensively with French born/Sweden based choreographer Philippe Blanchard co-creating as non-trained performers the contemporary theatre piece “How About You?” in 2010 and the critically acclaimed performance “This is That” in 2013.

As the brothers stated in a recent interview about DOW, In Duel’s great opening sequence, when we first heard that guy on the radio saying “I play meat” it became clear that it was our call to “play films” and now with DOW we have the opportunity to make a documentary on Duel retracing the history and myths behind the legendary film, passing along the same roads where Spielberg shot the movie back in 1971; as David Mann would say “That’s sick, man. That’s sick”.