Narcís was born in Barcelona in 1987 making him the youngest of the crew. During his childhood he and his family lived in South America so he grew up living in several countries. Because of this he is always ready for new journeys and enjoys learning new cultures.

He recently graduated from Pompeu Fabra University with a Degree in Computer science. His work experience in IT includes the roles of Network Administrator and Webmaster.

Narcís is a cinema lover, he is a huge fan of science fiction but he enjoys watching every genre of film. Because of his passion he was very quick to take up the opportunity when the DOW crew came knocking at his door.

In this project he is in charge of the web site as well as collaborating with the social media team. This web site has been his first professional programming project so it a challenge for him too.

Nowadays he is living in Barcelona where he is working with several other interesting projects, he is always open to learn new concepts and he is the kind of person who enjoys challenges.


NARCÍS MESTRES – DOW Web and Social Media