Roger Vicente Martinez (Barcelona, 1978) first came into contact with the film world as a child when his father bought a Phillips TV and the cult Video 2000.

Soon after, his aunt, who had no children, bought Roger and his brothers a Sony Hi8 recorder. His first steps as a director were mainly with handheld unedited material, as editing machines of the time were extremely expensive.

A few years later he was scammed by a gypsy whilst working as a waiter in Barcelona. He will always be grateful to the gypsy for that moment in his life, as the digital camera he was sold, indecently overpriced, forced him to learn non-linear editing and fuelled his passion.

He started sending shorts to the popular Notodofilmfest festival, as have done a whole generation of Spanish filmmakers. Javier Fesser, the Spanish film director and creator of the festival offered Roger the opportunity to make a commercial for a phone company. Sadly, the little gem will never be broadcast.

In 2008 Roger arrived in China to star in the documentary “Chining Me” and decided to stay there.

From that point on, he’s been working as an ENG journalist/cameraman for foreign TV companies. He has created “Living in Beijing”, a shorts video blog where he shows his directing and camera working skills and his need to portray the reality that surrounds him in his own unique and ironic way.

ROGER VICENTE - DOW Crew - His blog "Living in Pekin".