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THE SURVIVING DUEL TRUCK So one Duel truck survived after all… The Surviving Duel Truck Hybernating More about the Surviving Duel Truck Current Owner Brad Wike Buys the Surviving Duel Truck (YouTube) Current Owner Brad Wike revving the Surviving Duel Truck Brad’s Classic Trucks Facebook Page A Look at my Duel 1960 Peterbilt (By Brad...
BILLY GOLDENBERG The Duel Soundtrack Composer Duel Suite by Billy Goldenberg Billy Goldenberg’s Wikipedia Page Discog’s Billy Goldenberg Page Billy Goldenberg’s IMDB Page Duel Soundtrack for Sale Billy Goldenberg’s Page Billy Goldenberg’s passing Duel Original Soundtrack Details Playbill’s Billy Goldenberg page
TDOW Press Clips PRESS CLIPS (English) BLOODY DISGUSTING on TDOW – The Devil On Wheels This is Money TheHorrorShow Indiewire Project of the Month Filmmaker Dread Central Take One The Bearded Trio Following Films PRESS CLIPS (Spanish) Sitges-Experience Blog de Encadenados Zinemaniacos La Vanguardia Cultura en Cadena Camión Actualidad Fotogramas El Mundo PRESS CLIPS...
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