BILLY GOLDENBERG The Duel Soundtrack Composer Duel Suite by Billy Goldenberg Billy Goldenberg's Wikipedia Page Discog's Billy Goldenberg Page Billy Goldenberg's IMDB Page Duel Soundtrack for Sale Soundtrack.net Billy Goldenberg's Page Billy Goldenberg's passing Duel Original Soundtrack Details Playbill's Billy Goldenberg page
TDOW Press Clips PRESS CLIPS (English) BLOODY DISGUSTING on TDOW - The Devil On Wheels -thedevilonwheelsmovie.com This is Money TheHorrorShow Indiewire Project of the Month Filmmaker Dread Central Take One The Bearded Trio Following Films PRESS CLIPS (Spanish) Sitges-Experience Blog de Encadenados Zinemaniacos La Vanguardia Cultura en Cadena Camión Actualidad Fotogramas El Mundo PRESS CLIPS...
DUEL INFLUENCE  Duel left a mark in movies, books, comic books, cartoons... Duel Opening Titles Analysis (in French) from Arte Scooby Doo (Fragment of 'The Secret of The Ghost Rig’ Episode (Youtube) Book on Fantasy in Spielberg's films (Empire of Dreams) Steven Spielberg and Duel. The Making of a Film Career Duel Board Game Knight...
THANKS Section If you helped us in any way, your name should be here: (If you are not but you should be, please let us know at info@thedevilonwheelsmovie.com) Many Thanks to: Cathy Levy  Li Wenxin  Ryan Gene Hornbeck  Peter Connelly  Oriol Marcos Judit Cortina Ana Fernandez  Laura Pérez Richard A. Fenters Jr. & Bill Lubyewski...
DUEL GOOFS AND TRIVIA Those curiosities about Duel (including the Hulk episode) Duel Trivia 1 Duel Quotes Duel Trivia 2 Duel Goofs Duel Trivia 3 Hulk episode with Duel footage
DUEL SHOOTING PHOTOS Not many photos from the DUEL set exist. Here you have the ones we found... Duel Shooting, Photo by Getty Images Duel Shooting, Photo by Getty Images Duel Shooting, Photo by Getty Images Duel Shooting, Photo by Getty Images Duel Shooting Photo Duel frames Duel Shooting, Photo by Getty Images Promotional Still...
DUEL FAN PAGES Fans get together online to celebrate Duel Duel movie 50 years later! Movie Mopar's Site Duel Fan Page Duel Facebook Fan Page Duel Homage Facebook Page Duel Food Truck Facebook Page Duel Movie Fan Page Duel Sound Archive
CAREY LOFTIN The Trucker and the Chief Stunt Driver Carey Loftin, Stunt Driver 1979 Article about Loftin Loftin, the Mohammad Ali of Stunt Drivers Loftin, the Greatest Stunt Driver ever? Carey Loftin Wikipedia Page Page with Great Carey Loftin Pics Carey Loftin IMDB Page
DENNIS WEAVER The Actor Weaver on Duel from 1,28 to 6,29 Dennis Weaver Official Website
RICHARD MATHESON The Author of the Novella and the Script Duel, the Published Story Matheson's Wikipedia page Matheson, Emmy TV Legend Author Richard Matheson Richard Matheson homage book He is Legend Richard Matheson's IMDB Page Richard Matheson’s Passing Stephen King's Tribute to Matheson
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